How to improve performance

(by a minimum of 10% - 30%) through innovative work organization methods?

Inspirational training and practical SIMULATION for Business Services


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3:00 pm
4:40 pm
January 19, 2023
November 24, 2022

Experience practical solutions for Business Services, Back / Middle Office teams addressing the following business needs:

🔵  How to achieve macro effects through micro-corrections in team workflows that free up employee energy and 10% to 30% of your time and your employees' time?

🔵  How to optimally allocate priority tasks ensuring their completion and ensure a balanced workload of available employees on key processes/clients?

🔵  How to eliminate the main "time eaters" that cause employee frustration and block engagement in Business Services and Back Office teams?

🔵  How to improve employee and satisfaction levels by tailoring workflow to individual preferences?

🔵  How to ensure full visibility of the statuses of all ongoing and pending tasks and the actual time employees are working on particular tasks?

🔵   In hybrid work, how to monitor on an ongoing basis the KPIs for timeliness, quality and productivity of the team?


During the event you will participate in a simulation of an IT solution for organizing, prioritizing, assigning, measuring and visualizing tasks. 

You will learn how dynamic, automatic task allocation works, based on business priorities, competencies and employee preferences. 

You will check the results of an even & fair distribution of work in a team. 

You will verify whether the new method is an opportunity for you and your organization to improve productivity and team morale.

Krzysztof Pimpicki
CEO Harmodesk & Positive Productivity
Marek Pawełczyk
Head of Technology