Unleashing Untapped GBS Potential.

How to Boost Productivity by 30% and resolution time by 300% without IT engagement?

AMS Case Study.

Webinar for business services and customer services leaders.

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Webinar hosts:

Katarzyna Lachman-Fullarton,

Regional Head of Operations
Alexander Mann Solutions

Krzysztof Pimpicki

CEO, Founder

Untapped potential triggered by new operations management method.

Many established GBS organizations often perceive their team work organization as highly optimized, and Alexander Mann Solutions actually had the same perspective until they piloted the Ops Management Automation solution.

It's surprising to many that still there are a number of process areas where greater efficiency can be easily achieved at a very little cost.

Watch the webinar to learn about AMS improvement journey and discover how operations automation enabled them to drive performance to the next level. The implementation was without any IT staff engagement and had 3 months financial beak even!

Find out how to reach leap in performance, just by changing the way of ops management.

  • Discover your untapped potential. Identify typical problems resulting from the legacy ways of operational management. Findings and data are based on research done with more than 500 GBS teams.
  • Get the tool to benchmark your operations management practices.
  • Gain insights from AMS GBS Case Study including lessons learnt from complex, mature and Clients facing environment.
  • Explore the new approach to run your operations. Understand the opportunities and risks automated ops management will bring to your hybrid work model, engagement, productivity, timeliness, and process standardization.
  • Find out how automated tasks allocation brings simplicity and eliminates lack of visibility, unbalanced workload and repetitive service issues.