27.10.2022 | Symulacja narzędzia Harmodesk
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Harmodesk boosts performance
and creates an engaging, hybrid work environment
by automating operations management.

Distribute the right tasks to the right people at the right time.

Harmodesk – Executive summary

Free up at least 10% of your team’s time.
Be sure tasks are done within agreed SLAs.

Eliminate lack of visibility, unbalanced workload, repetitive problems.

Harmodesk is a process-based operations management automation.

Harmodesk = harmony at work + shared tasks' platform for the team.

It prioritizes tasks, matches them to the right people, dispatches them, and monitors their status.

Users are notified about the next task they should engage in.

Our Clients observed improved deliveries within their SLA – from ~70% up to 99% – with engagement levels rising by 15% and processing time dropping by up to 30%.

Implementation takes 2–4 weeks. Break even within 1–3 months.

ROI Guaranteed.

What will you do with extra 10% of time each month?

Eliminate overhours
Save on recruitment
Fund salary increases
Reduce backlog
Migrate new clients
Improve and standardize
Who is Harmodesk for?

Innovative tool created for
Shared Services & Customer Service teams

Type of tasks performed:
  • Transactional scope
  • High volume
  • Cases diversity
Most common application process areas:
  • AP Invoice posting
  • Customer Service / Query Management (HR / IT / Purchase to Pay / Contract to Cash)
Team size:

> 10 people – the larger you are the better gains for the Client

Our clients – selected top brands
(Business Services, SSC, BPO, GBS, Customer Services and others)

Top technology enables new way of work organization

Harmodesk collects tasks related info  from all your  transactional systems (ERP, ticketing / service desk, workflow etc.)

Tasks are dynamically sorted and prioritized.

Harmodesk dispatches tasks one by one to the right employees based on their skills and individual strengths.

Simultaneously, it measures  process performance and generates online team boards and management reports in Qlik.

Harmodesk is an independent software backboned by Salesforce (#1 SaaS Platform by Gartner), ensuring 100% security standards.

It is a quasi Plug and play solution. Implementation does not require any IT engagement.

Advanced reporting & analytics is empowered by Qlik View – top quality Business Intelligence software.

Why Harmodesk – Key problems addressed by Harmodesk

Harmodesk adresses work organization management-related problems across 5 main areas:

Hybrid work

You don't have visibility into tasks’ status, team performance, and utilization.


You want to stop breaking your Timelines SLA’s and free up from 90% of escalations.


You need to do more work with the same team and with no impact on quality.


You are fed up with recurring quality problems and time-consuming methods of eliminating them.


You see teammates tend to focus too much on themselves, their needs. Team morale is low.

Hybrid work challenge adressed

Application creates a transparent and
friendly hybrid workspace

The old way
The new way
Multiple tasks’ lists at once. Same priorities. What to choose?
One task at a time. Comes with the highest priority. All tasks in 1 place.
Manual tasks’ organization. Everyday effort. Risk of mismatch.
Rule-based dispatching. No effort. Task’s execution in full control. 
Stress and Chaos. Overwhelming workload.
Confidence and Focus. The App ensures optimal work organization.
Time-consuming monitoring. It is hard to find out the status.
Real time dashboard. In 3 seconds you know the current status.
Limited visibility. Poor control and delayed response & delivery.
Full visibility. Great control – outstanding CX.
waldemar hlebowicz

Work organization was highly individualized. We didn’t know who did what and when the task is done.
Thanks to Harmodesk our work became visible and easy to manage.

George Bouamrirene
Schneider Electric, Transformation Manager
Key benefits that are impacting your KPIs

The way we organize work matters.
This IT solution has direct impact on 4 key management dimensions

Choose tab to see the impact

The old way
The new way
Prioritization in not followed. Worry execution of tasks is wrong.
Automate prioritization. Ensure top priorities are done first and on time.
Urgent drop ins. Constant ad-hoc changes create disturbances.
No worries. Harmodesk reschedules tasks online, including urgents.
Red SLA’s KPIs. You are surprised. Interventions are needed.
Green SLAs. Problem signs are visible. Auto corrections done.
Escalation management. Red flags, aging issues, follow ups.
Tasks under control. Automation eliminates 90% of escalations.
Left behind tasks. 
The “I will do it later” or “Someone. else will do it” approach.
Forget nothing. Harmodesk ensures all your priorities are completed.

Improve Customer Experience. Meet 99% of SLA expectations.

waldemar hlebowicz

Harmodesk means less stress. I’m sure that priority tasks will be completed on time whereas earlier 85% of invoices were waiting for more than 5 days. Currently, all invoices are completed in a single day.

Katarzyna Fita
Ringier Axel Springer, CFO
The old way
The new way
Uneven workload. Some are working more, and some less. Everyday.
Equal work allocation. Optimal resources utilization in the team.
Illusive standards. Everybody works in their “own” way.
Best practices are deployed. Data show if one standard is used. 
Too many emails and meetings. Time to get things done is limited.
Meet and write less. Eliminates 95% task-related communication.
Lots to take care of. Task organization takes a lot of team’s time. 
Freed-up time. Everybody is focused on value-added activities.
Laborious planning and reporting. Leaders lose time.
One click. The App does all the planning & reporting for you.

Exceed expectations. Deliver annual productivity gains in 2 months.

waldemar hlebowicz

We achieved a 30% productivity growth. With the same number of staff, we can provide service for new clients.

Renata Kabas-Komorniczak
Roedl and Partners Poland, Partner, Head of Outsourcing
The old way
The new way
Multitasking, context switching. Lost focus, mistakes. Stress.
Focus. Harmodesk ensures work on a single task at a time.
Repetitive mistakes. Important details are missed.
No more mistakes. App won’t let you proceed until all steps are done.
Compliance issues. The control system takes time and may be porous.
Auditable compliance. Provide controls with detailed info logs.
No reliable data on difficulties. Only unactionable estimations.
Measure quality. Share data on quality issues with customers. 
Same problems. Time wasted on  fixing the same issues, everyday.
Eliminate root causes. Solve the problems once and for all.

Improve Customer Experience. Create the right process quality straight away.

waldemar hlebowicz

Using harmodesk we had data on Client’s related quality problems. There were a lot of issues. We met with the Client. We discussed data and we managed to implement improvements. Now, cooperation with this Client is fast and efficient.

Katarzyna Kielak-Kępa
Roedl and Partners Poland, Senior Associate
The old way
The new way
Everybody does the same. Ignored skill matrix and preferences.
Intrinsic motivation counts. Dispatching based on individual strengths.
Individualized work. Concentration on your own work. Feel alone.
Teamship. Everyone contributes and feels part of the team. 
Unfair work allocation. Jealousy and conflicts in the team. 
Fair division of work. Based on objective, fair criteria for all.
Opinions and Emotions drive decisions. Ind. concerns remain.
Data and Facts. Decisions are based on factors objective for all.
Low morale. Employees do not see the results of their efforts.
Satisfaction. Team sees the impact. Improves & creates better future.

Enhance Employee Experience. Unleash the power of the team.

waldemar hlebowicz

We have all engaged. We have developed certain standards. Now our work is a pleasure not a stress as it used to be before

Raiffaisen Insurance

Check how much time and money you can gain

Legacy way of work organization used in 99% of teams has a dangerous side effect of time eaters. Eliminate them. Free up time.

Harmodesk’s intelligent automation uses proven productivity strategies. Result?

At least extra 10% of time
. Every month.

“There is nothing more valuable than your time.”

Harmodesk is a game changer for team leaders

waldemar hlebowicz

Team leaders finally have time to manage people, they need not worry about tasks.

Rafał Kozłowski
Asseco, CFO, Vice President

Equip your leaders with an app that will enable them to take back control over the tasks and free up time to focus on what really matters!

Check how the software works. Find out more.

Hybrid work challenge adressed

2–4 weeks for Harmodesk easy implementation. No IT involvement.

Typical IT implementation barriers
Simple "plug and play" implementation
IT Security issues. Rigorous criteria – difficult to be met
The highest security standards. Salesforce is #1 by Gartner.
Data Security issues. Sharing any confidential data is problematic.
No sensitive info in the App. Only task’s general info and unique number.
Coding. Tailored made solution requires IT & developer’s time.
No coding. Can be easily configured by your team. 
Costly API Integration. Problematic and costly set up.
Simple Integration. Data .xls export. Macro modification. Import.
Full integration. Problematic connection to current systems.
One way only. No data input connection. Very straight forward set up.
Limited integration. Only some systems can be integrated.
No limits for integration. 100% of IT systems have data export.
Fixed solution. Any change requires lots of time and budget.
Flexible changes. Simply adjust your settings.
Extensive IT Engagement. Scarce IT resources have other priorities.
100% autonomy in implementation. Do it yourself.
waldemar hlebowicz

I absolutely did not believe in assurances that implementation would be fast, would only 2–3 days of my manager’s time and that we can avoid IT problems. I was very surprised by the fact that 2 weeks after the start we were working in a different way and the employees could immediately see the benefits.

Katarzyna Fita
Ringier Axel Springer, Accounting Director
Harmodesk Premium Package – smart way to ensure ROI

Harmodesk implementation. BEP in 3 months. ROI Guaranteed.

1–2 weeks

1. We map your current process, tasks' information from the current systems, skills matrix

1–2 weeks

2. We configure a tailor made solution. Make sure it fits your needs perfectly

6–8 weeks

3. We test the new way of working. Enjoy first results. Make sure it works well

waldemar hlebowicz

We have changed our attitude – now we focus on optimization. When a new contract comes in, we don't need to hire additional staff. The return on investments in project is over 347% after 12 months.

Tomasz Brożyna
Regional COO East Europe