Team efficiency and engagement

Make your employees faster and more willing to complete tasks. Harmodesk will automatically download task information and forward it to employees according to their competences and expectations.

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What can you improve?

You have aspirations to use the full potential of your employees.

You don't want to fear the team's response to pressure and personnel distraction and a significant decline in morale.

You want a reliable and effective, proven recipe for motivating your team quickly and sustainably.

How can we help you?

Be sure to meet the deadlines

The system according to priorities, distributes tasks according to the availability and competence of employees on an ongoing basis. In this way, you build a work environment in which everyone can focus one hundred percent on their objectives and task and the monotony disappears.

Lead the team calmly, controlling the workload

Harmodesk allows you to monitor your employees' tasks in real time - so you can ensure that tasks are spread evenly, so that every employee feels a fair division of the workload.

Encourage employee engagement

Thanks to the system settings, you can take care of optimal delegation of tasks adopted to the preferences of employees, which directly affects their satisfaction and efficiency.

"The green KPI has become important to the team. Employees actually have a fun completing tasks. There is no longer trace of the prior indifference, the magic happened."

Katarzyna Fita
Director of Accounting and Tax