Finance - Back Office

Use a proven tool, that effectively supports the manager of the operational department of a financial institution in organizing the current work of the back office.

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What can you improve?

You have ambition to change an operational department into a real little jewel, where the processes used to accomplish tasks are structured, predictable and with maximum efficiency.

You see an imperfections in case of work organization in your company's operational department - and you want to fix them quickly and permanently.

You need one shared, collaborative platforms for the team, ensuring optimal work distribution, effective communication, and clarity on who does what and when.

How can we help you?

Make the processes for task completion in your team structured, predictable and with maximum efficiency.

Thanks to automatic sorting of tasks from various systems and their optimal distribution to appropriate team members, each of your employees know what needs to be done and by when. You can focus on strategic (not operational) issues, take care of team development and build a partnership with the business.

Identify and eliminate imperfections in your process and set it an optimal pace.

Thanks to detailed process measurements and clear visualizations delivered by system in regular basis, you can lead your team from one location: monitor task statuses, set priorities, identify bottlenecks and make improvements.

Be regarded as an innovator, within the company and within the industry

With Harmodesk, put your department onto new track and accelerate the transformation of your organization. The tool optimizes the distribution and task visualization, which enables the quantum-leap increase in the efficiency and quality of work - this will be noticed by customers, business and management.

Achieve significant success as an Operations Team Leader and strengthen your position within the company

Our experience from previous implementations shows that sustainable productivity growth is a minimum of 10%. With 10 employees, at an average total cost of the employer of PLN 7k/month, this could be PLN 84k/year. What is the value to you of a 10% productivity improvement in your organization?

" After 1 year of implementation, we recorded a 100% increase in productivity and gained an 8% increase in revenues over the same time period."

Waldemar Hlebowicz
Managing Director