Implementation faster than the blink of an eye

Unlike other tools of enterprise class, the implementation of Harmodesk is a friendly experience, not a cumbersome necessity.

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Explore the benefits we provide


Full independence from the IT department


Integration with all major systems

produkt dopasowany

Product tailored to your processes

pełna funkcjonalność

Full functionality from the very first day

najlepsze praktyki

Best implementation practices and Business Services team management

pomożemy ci na każdym kroku

You're not on your own - we will support you every step of the way

Why is our implementation unique?

We will disenchant the statement "IT implementation"

We perfectly know what kind of problems may cause the implementation of new systems in companies. Thanks to our experience, we have developed an efficient and reliable process of preparing a tool in any organization, which we are able to adapt on an ongoing basis to the specifics of your team and your business processes.

Born of the need

Harmodesk was created in response to the real business needs of Business Services and Back Office teams. We have a dedicated team of consultants.

Consultants are responsible not only for the parameterization of the system - they work side-by-side with you to advise you on how to exploit 100 % of the potential of your team and processes.

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A product tailored to your needs

We begin with learning about your current processes and IT systems. We then realistically reflect your existing work environment, provide fast integration tailored exactly to your needs.

Thanks to that you can easily and quickly test the operation of system in a real work environment and reap the value from the very first day after implementation.

Provide an integration with any systems

Harmodesk's architecture provides extreme ease of integration with the major systems in your company. Implementation requires no changes to your existing IT infrastructure, so you gain additional time that would normally be devoted on technology audits and working with your IT team. 

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Unique post-implementation support

Once implemented, you're not on your own. You get your own individual caretaker to help you tailor Harmodesk to your needs.

You also get all of our combined know-how, which we make available in the form of the Harmodesk Academy - a set of more than 10 hours of training, videos, instructions and recommendations for improving business services team management.

You make changes on your own

You can use the pilot implementation to learn about the system and to the education of an internal administrators, who will be able to make on their own modifications and changes to the system.

In addition, you will build competencies that will allow you to implement Harmodesk in further teams. Thanks to that, you develop further leaders and provide a higher ROI.

waldemar hlebowicz

"I had to redefine the word 'implementation'. It was simple, easy, fun and imperceptible to the company."

Waldemar Hlebowicz
Managing Director
waldemar hlebowicz

„I absolutely did not believe in assurances that implementation would be fast, would take only 2-3 days of my managers' time and that we can avoid IT problems. 
I was very surprised by the fact that after 2 weeks after the start we were working in a different way and the employees could immediately see the benefits.„

Katarzyna Fita