Organize the work of the team efficiently

Harmodesk was created to provide support to managers of Business Services and Back Office in organizing the work of teams.

It automates: organization, queuing, dispatching distribution, measurement and visualization of tasks. You get disburdened from routine tasks, freeing up time and energy for key issues.

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Harmodesk — Be sure the job is DONE!



Be sure your team will perform all priority tasks in a timely manner, according to SLAs, with attention to quality and productivity.

With Harmodesk, information about tasks is automatically downloaded from various systems and allocated to the appropriate team members according to the priorities you set. This ensures that priority tasks are completed as planned, according to your agreement concluded with a Customer, stimulating KPIs growth i.e. Key Performance Indicators.


Be sure the work is evenly spread and tasks are allocated based on competencies and preferences of employees, fully utilizing the potential of the team.

Automations for optimal work distribution free up time and energy previously devoted to organizing, planning and monitoring tasks. Thanks to this, each employee can focus on one specific task, being sure that at a given moment they are doing exactly what they were meant to do so that the entire team can optimally achieve the goals set out.



Always have access to key task data and provide clear visualization to all team members. Make decisions and implement improvements based on reliable data and one, common for everybody image of reality .

With Harmodesk, which collects key task data as employees complete tasks, you gain a 360-degree view of tasks, people, processes, and customers in one place. You can monitor the duration, timeliness and quality of tasks performed by your team on an ongoing basis, as well as the results of process improvements and standardization. Nothing escapes your attention and you have peace of mind.


Ensure that the tasks are fairly divided, take care of the development of the competences among your employees and the involvement them in improvements and achievement of team's objectives.

Tasks are fairly distributed to employees taking into account their competencies and preferences, which you define in the system. Thanks to the data, you and your employees unanimously recognize the weaknesses and strengths of the process, so you know how and what is necessary to improve. Thanks to that, your employees quickly develop new skills, get involved in improvements and everyone is trying to play football with only one goal.

Provide your team with the highest quality of the software

Harmodesk: built on Salesforce

#1 in the world among platforms for cloud applications according to Gartner for the 13th consecutive year
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Your data is safe i.e. “as safe as they would be in a bank” - thanks to the highest cybersecurity standards


Thanks to APIs and Salesforce integrations, you can easily connect to your most important systems


You can freely scale your tasks and processes

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Implementation takes little of your time and makes you independent of the availability of IT resources

rafał kozłowski

"I think the most important result is the possibility to measure our operations. Without measurement, we can't say whether we've reached our goals [...], we can't even count our costs."

Rafał Kozłowski
CFO, Vice President