Management and prioritization of tasks

Make sure that priority tasks wii be completed. The system will distribute them among employees according to current needs, so you can quickly clear the backlog.

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What can you improve?

Your team has an impression of chaos and disorganization with constant or repeated "ad hocs" and "drop-ins" ir.e. unplanned tasks or meeting from the business.

You see the need to free up your time devoted on the day-to-day organization of the team work.

You no longer want to worry about whether priority tasks will be done.

How can we help you?

Automate the delegation of tasks

The system indicates to each employee which task he/she should currently perform. Thanks to this, they do not get distracted by organizing work and planning and they can focus one hundred percent on performing tasks.

Be sure you will have the guarantee that priority tasks will be completed on time

Tasks distribution happen according to the priorities set by you, the priorities resulting from the agreement concluded with the customer (SLA) and the competencies of the employees.

Monitor, what is to be done and when is it to be completed

You have the current status of all tasks in one place, so you don't have to create complicated reports and constantly extract data from multiple systems.

You can be sure that your employees know what is to be done and when is it to be completed

Instead of searching for tasks on various platforms, they get information about them in one place, acting as a dashboard.

"It means less stress - I am sure that priority tasks will be completed."

Katarzyna Fita
Director of Accounting and Tax