Management and prioritization of tasks

Make sure that priority tasks wii be completed. The system will distribute them among employees according to current needs, so you can quickly clear the backlog.

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What can you improve?

Your team has an impression of chaos and disorganization with constant or repeated "ad hocs" and "drop-ins" ir.e. unplanned tasks or meeting from the business.

You see the need to free up your time devoted on the day-to-day organization of the team work.

You no longer want to worry about whether priority tasks will be done.

How can we help you?

Automate the delegation of tasks

The system indicates to each employee which task he/she should currently perform. Thanks to this, they do not get distracted by organizing work and planning and they can focus one hundred percent on performing tasks.

Be sure you will have the guarantee that priority tasks will be completed on time

Tasks distribution happen according to the priorities set by you, the priorities resulting from the agreement concluded with the customer (SLA) and the competencies of the employees.

Monitor, what is to be done and when is it to be completed

You have the current status of all tasks in one place, so you don't have to create complicated reports and constantly extract data from multiple systems.

You can be sure that your employees know what is to be done and when is it to be completed

Instead of searching for tasks on various platforms, they get information about them in one place, acting as a dashboard.

Task prioritization tips and tricks

Effective process optimisation can lead to freeing up 16 per cent of your time and that of other leaders in a matter of weeks. Your line workers and other team members, meanwhile, can free up 12 percent of their time for other activities.

Find out how many extra hours you can free up with Harmodesk in a few months by using the Calculator of the freed up time we've created based on our experience in over 500 Business Services and Back/Middle Office teams.

Efficiently manage your team's tasks

What is the best way to efficiently manage your team and the tasks performed by your employees? See how task management in your team can look like if you implement the right task management software.

This simple tool will give you the ability to manage the tasks of your entire team, maximising the efficiency of your work and the work of your team members to meet the goals and assuring group collaboration and good communication for productivity, best performance and progress.

Here is what you need first to choose the right solution to the complex problems related to everyday teams management effort: Guide on work organisation methods in Business Services and Back Office in a remote and hybrid working model.

From task management to project management

What's the difference between task management and project management in different businesses? The day-to-day management of a Business Services or Back Office teams is largely about managing repetitive tasks based on a task list, drop-ins.

Regardless of how you and your employees create task lists and complete adhoc tasks, if you replace traditional task list creation with an automatically created task list, you will gain time and make the task completion process and task management quick and easy.

What if the task list was not only created automatically, but also dynamically as tasks tasks are coming up?

Task prioritization and dynamic task list for team members

By making the creation of tasks' lists automatic, in real time, according to the task prioritisation you set, you can delegate tasks to the right employees easily, quickly and effectively, and managing your team's tasks will no longer be time-consuming.

In fact, the team task management software does it for you, and you prioritise, put employees in out-of-queue tasks if necessary and monitor their status. The app makes sure that your time and your employees' time is used optimally and that specific tasks are given to the right people. This removes the user's responsibility for planning and controlling the task completion process.

The software dispatch one task after another task to your employees and they feel greatly relieved to have no need to plan. The importance of this feature is a real game changer. The software gives you the confidence that the task completion process is running smoothly, quickly and in complete comfort for all team members, while you are freed from the day-to-day task management and gain a sense of control - no more firefighting as you ensure full transparency and trust in daily operations.

Task list stream is not everything

In order for the management of team tasks to be efficient and bring maximum value to the organisation in the form of better quality and timeliness of work, it is worth using a model of work organisation based on automatic allocation of tasks to employees in accordance with their competences and preferences.

This is also made possible by the task management program discussed here. Such software, selecting a task from a task list, chooses the best employee currently available to carry it out. Thanks to its key features the software acts as an optimiser of resources and working time of your teams. Allows you for tracking the working time of your teams which enables rapid development of best practices and their effective implementation.

Best tool for task priotitization?

No matter what you call this program - virtual task manager for teams, assistant for current tasks for team members, IT system for optimisation, team management application or teamwork management system - you are able to make your team working together on projects and can be sure to use the full potential of your team according to the principle: Be sure the job is DONE!

You have number of great IT tools which make small and big companies and organizations successful in the area of work organisation and optimisation of processes both when their teams work remotely (online) or from the office. But if you want to include project to the strategy of your company a real gamechanging digital transformation, you need identify best solutions and follow tried and tested tips and ideas.

If you want to find out how our solution affects work culture, team performance, client satisfaction, want to see example or examples of implementation, need the support in making final decision feel free to check our resources, articles (with charts) or simply contact us.

"It means less stress - I am sure that priority tasks will be completed."

Katarzyna Fita
Director of Accounting and Tax