How to ensure full transparency and trust in remote working. Rafał Kozłowski, Vice President, CFO of Asseco talks about the effects and impressions of using Harmodesk in Asseco.

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In the finance department of Asseco S.A., a worsening of problems was observed, related, among others, to: organizing, arranging and prioritizing tasks coming from many systems, visibility of task execution statuses within the team for managers, communication between team members. These activities, after the decision on remote working of the team, consumed the time of employees and managers more than before, and the dynamic situation introduced the team into “fire fighting” mode. A decision on implementation of Harmodesk was taken.

Rafał Kozłowski
CFO, Vice President

Watch the webinar if you want to learn how with Harmodesk:

The distribution of tasks coming from various systems are organized and automated.

Employees and leaders have gained a clear overview of the tasks requiring the execution in one place.

The manager and employees do not waste time any longer - everyone knows who, what is to be done and when is it to be done.

No more "fire fighting", there is a sense of control and assurance that the problems will not return.