Minimising delays and managing backlog

Delegate tasks at the right time to the appropriate employees. Thanks to the system you will take care of maintaining priorities and prevent slippages in work execution.

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What can you improve?

You want to make sure your team will always perform a work in a timely manner

You want to keep handy a current statuses of task completion.

You search an assurance that all tasks will be completed according the terms of an agreement concluded with the customer (SLA).

How can we help you?

Use this ready-made recipe for clearing your backlog quickly and efficiently

Tasks are distributed on an ongoing basis in order of priority and forwarded to the appropriate staff. Priority, delayed tasks are completed first.

Identify the sources of delay accurately and quickly

Thanks to comprehensive data, you have reliable information on an errors and deficiencies. You are able to eliminate them and gain hard arguments for the talk to your employees, customers and business.

Minimise the risk of delays

Having a detailed data you can easily identify the causes of delays and are able to eliminate them before they lead to significant problems. You know how much time and how many people you need to the task completion - you have an early warning system for a growing backlog.

"85% of invoices were waiting in the queue for more than five days, with records well over 100 days. Curently the KPI is being met on a daily basis and all invoices that don't have hold-ups i.e. suspensions, are completed during one day."

Katarzyna Fita
Director of Accounting and Tax