Reporting and visualization of task data

Make decisions supported by hard and reliable data. You always have easy to interpret reports and clear visualizations at hand.

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What can you improve?

You want the decisions that you make to be supported by hard and reliable data.

You need quick access to a whole range of up-to-date, key and reliable data about tasks and employees.

You need to present arguments to employees, business and customers clearly and quickly.

How can we help you?

Decide on the basis of the hard data

Harmodesk provide you a whole range of information - thanks to easy to interpret reports and visualizations, you can make decisions quickly and efficiently. Just a glance is enough to find the right solution.

Use reports and visualizations created for Back Office and SSC/BPO

It's a result of years of experience and learning the needs of business services. You do not have to program anything - thanks to defined and automatic reports, you save time.

Quickly find relevant arguments

Every step of the process is measured - thanks to useful visualizations you will clearly present the strong reasons for your decisions and opinions, in relations with your employees, business and customers.

"We didn't know who does what and when, what are tasks the employees have devoted their time to. Thanks to Harmodesk, their work became visible." We gained hard data on it and we can manage because of it."

George Bouamrirene
Transformation Manager