Use a proven tool in your organization that effectively supports managers in managing teamwork and optimizing processes.

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What can you improve?

You recognize weaknesses in your organization and want to eliminate them so that everybody works better and more efficiently.

You have aspirations to participate in building a modern structure in which the processes used to accomplish operational tasks are orderly and predictable.

You want to participate in quick and sure success related to your organization's transformation that guarantees the quantum-leap increase in the quality and productivity.

How can we help you?

Have a participation in sure success related to your organization's transformation

Thanks to automatic sorting of tasks from various systems and their optimal delegation to appropriate team members, every employee in your organization knows what needs to be done and by when. You free up managers' time - they can devote their time on activities that actually provide value to your company and they will quickly appreciate it.

Identify and eliminate imperfections in your company

Thanks to detailed data and clear visualizations provided by the system on regular basis, managers can be sure that priority tasks will be completed on time - they monitor task statuses, set priorities, identify bottlenecks and introduce improvements.

Strengthen your position by achieving sure and quick success

Our experience from previous implementations shows that sustainable productivity growth is a minimum of 10%. With 50 employees, at an average total cost of the employer of £ 1,300/month, this could be £420k/year. What is the value to you of a 10% productivity improvement in your organization?

"We've had a lot of results: we've changed our approach, we finally have time to make improvements, we've increased timeliness and quality, we've standardized our processes."

Rafał Kozłowski
CFO, Vice President