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Harmodesk is the fruit of our many years of experience in building a culture of performance management and continuous improvement in organizations.

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Born of SSC/BPO and Back Office needs

Harmodesk is a response to the need for a simple and effective tool to support the implementation of a culture of continuous improvement and achievement of business objectives. In absence of such solution that would be fully adapted to the specificities of Business Services and Back Office teams, together with our customers we created Harmodesk 10 years ago.

Make use of our experience

Harmodesk quickly became a key solution which allowed the implementation of Positive Productivity methodology, our consulting company helping Business Services and Back Office teams. Gradually we discovered that it is a universal tool, appropriate for use in any organization implementing business processes, regardless of the management and work improvement methodology used.

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Follow in the footsteps of the best

Our solutions are used in modern business services companies in several dozen of countries on 5 continents. Unprecedented results of using Harmodesk and excellent customer feedback, made us decide to focus on improving this tool.

Today, thanks to Harmodesk organization of the work of your team and process optimization actually become simple and intuitive.

Recognize opportunities and enjoy the product

While speaking about the results of using Harmodesk, our customers pour a green KPIs from the bag on the table, and we often hear from managers who have implemented them: "If I had known about this earlier...".

Therefore, we really care for enabling you an accurate and quick recognition of benefits of using Harmodesk, and to deliver the product in an effective way. Many experienced specialists working under the sign of Harmodesk sees to it.

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Meet our team members

krzysztof pimpicki
Krzysztof Pimpicki

CEO Harmodesk & Positive Productivity

Jestem tu po to, abyś szybko zrozumiał korzyści z Harmodesk i mógł podjąć najlepszą decyzję.

ewa kujawa
Ewa Kujawa

Product & Know-How Manager

marek pawełczyk
Marek Pawełczyk

Head of Technology

alicja pimpicka
Alicja Pimpicka

Finance Director

mateusz śledzik
Mateusz Śledzik

Product Marketing Director

michał stangret
Michał Stangret

Copywriter & Content Marketer

bogumił łuć
Bogumił Łuć

Marketing Automation & No-code Specialist

dagmara korczyńska
Dagmara Korczyńska

Graphic Designer