Empowered by Salesforce

Salesforce is the #1 in the world among platforms for cloud applications - and has been a leader of worldwide rankings for many years.

Your organization doesn't need to own or implement Salesforce to use Harmodesk. Instead, you can be sure of the benefits that this architecture brings. See solutions

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Convenience and accessibility

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Security and reliability

Be sure of security and reliability. Harmodesk was created so that you can always rely on its support in the work organization of your team. We perfectly know how important reliability is.

That's why we chose the proven Salesforce architecture - which has always been a reliability leader among IT platforms for companies, according to Gartner research.

Scalability and growth

Be sure of Harmodesk's guarantee of effectiveness, regardless of your business needs or your organization's growth rate.

Harmodesk adapts to the pace of your organization's development i.e. growth - you start with the smallest, ROI (i.e. Return Of Investment) -producing part of the project, then effortlessly expand with new functionality, reacting to newly needs. The Salesforce architecture provides unlimited scalability of the tool.

"Gartner awarded Salesforce a title of The Leader in the CRM Customer Engagement Center (CEC) Magic Quadrant for the 13th consecutive year."

Convenience and accessibility

Ensure with the opportunity of an efficient and effective team management, wherever you are. Organize your team work in a convenient way and tailored to your requirements, as well as the needs of your business, your customers, and your employees-wherever they're working from.

Harmodesk is available in the Salesforce cloud-all you need is an access to the network. So you and your employees can use the app wherever you are using them (from anywhere) and by whatever means you wish (on each device).

Fast and easy implementation

Be sure of fast implementation and easy tool integration. Thanks to our experience in case of Harmodesk implementation in a variety of organizations, the integration process is smooth, with minimal burden on your employees (read more about the deployment process in a "Implementation" tab).

Ease of integration with other systems is a feature of tools built on Salesforce. By designing Harmodesk on this universal platform, you gain the possibility of easily connection to any system of an enterprise class.