Process standardization

Eliminate an impression of chaos and and unpredictability. Use data to identify the tasks fulfilled in an exemplary fashion and implement best methods as standards in an entire team.

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What can you improve?

You have an impression that your employees with similar competencies, differ in terms of efficiency, and you want to use one hundred percent of the potential of each of them.

You have an impression of chaos and and unpredictability and recognise shortcomings in the organization of the team work.

You require quick results from a change and assurance that the change will have a lasting effect, but you don't want to experiment on your team and need a proven solution.

How can we help you?

Make your employees complete tasks quickly and correctly

Thanks to the data, you identify the performed tasks in the most efficient way and motivate its performers to share their know-how with the rest of the team - both experienced and new employees begin to perform tasks effectively in a similar time.

Make sure that your team will always perform a work in a timely manner

The system optimally and fairly distributes tasks, and you supervise the process of their implementation on an ongoing basis - you can be sure, that your team will complete tasks regardless of change in team resulting from absenteeism and introduction of new employees.

Avoid chaos and provide process predictability

Being able to quickly identify tasks fulfilled in an exemplary fashion, you are able to efficiently implement best methods developed by employees as standards in the entire team - avoiding an arduous road of trial-and-error experimentation.

By eliminating waste of time and energy, unifying and business process standardization, and as a result of following best practices by all team members, you can free up 5% of your line workers' time within a few weeks.

See how much additional time - of your line workers, as well as of you and other leaders - you can free up with Harmodesk in this short period of time. See also what other benefits you can count on in the longer term. Use the Calculator of the freed up time, which we created on the basis of our experience in over 500 Business Services and Back/Middle Office teams.

Effective business process standardization in your organisation is key to success

Your workforce is made up of experienced professionals who have built up their expertise over the years and perfected their methods. However, your team also consists of employees who have not yet acquired such skills. You can wait years for them to perfect their work, or you can motivate your best employees to share their best working methods with the rest of your team. This is not always easy and sometimes you are not able to count on 100 percent effectiveness in achieving these goals (check how to implement support for LEAN methodology in Business Services).

How to make your best employees willing to share their knowledge and experience about their work with other team members?

How can you easily identify activities and areas where specific employees lead the team? It is possible to have reliable information on which team member is best at what. To achieve this, you need to have reliable numbers to assess the timeliness, quality and productivity of your employees. How to obtain such reliable KPIs? What can be done to make managing and prioritising tasks simple and intuitive? You need to have reliable data on employee time spent on specific activities, which will serve as a basis for evaluating the processes and performance of each team member.

How to obtain reliable data on the time spent by employees on tasks?

This is made possible by time measurement, which involves collecting key data on the processes that employees carry out in their daily work. Such measures will help to identify the best standards and, once implemented across the team, will enable the team to realise its full potential as all employees will know how to deliver against the best standards.

How to introduce best standards across the team with process automation and process mapping

Business process standardization plays a key role in optimising work in your company. Thanks to standardisation - mapping it and automating - you are able to ensure that work is carried out according to the best methods, you provide cost reduction and smart process management to your organization. Company with standardized processes has its procedures and operations established in the best way in the context of company's costs, productivity, optimal use of resources or workflows.

With focus on process standardization in business process management, actions taken by your employees are always effective (lever for process automation), and they maximise the parameters that describe quality, efficiency and completing tasks in a timely manner.

Business process standardization enables the implementation of business processes first time right, reflects the LEAN methodology (see: Support for LEAN methodology), and is crucial from the point of view of creating team value for the entire company and influence other departments in the company. Department implementing smart process standardization becomes a pattern model for other departments in standardizing processes (e.g. sales, customer support, service) what is the key issue for the continuous improvement process in organizations.

Skilful business process standardization makes you able to use 100 per cent of your employees' potential

Business process optimization and process standardization go hand in hand and constitute for the managers a guarantee of the best use of the organisation's resources. What is important, the introduction of the best standards in an organisation does not have to take place at the expense of the team's morale and motivation (for example because of fair task distribution). Through skilful and proven actions, rules and procedures which constitite best practices, goals of not only maintaining employee morale and motivation, but also stimulating them, can be effectively achieved.

Process standardization is the best way to success of an organisation and the success of your clients

Ensuring high team efficiency and engagement is crucial to boost employees' morale and motivate them to make improvements quickly and effectively is not everything. Harmodesk offers much more than that.

System - which can be compared to a kind of practical bank of standard documentation - makes the team not only have real time access to the best practices but also but incorporates every procedure (similarly concerning products and services) into the daily work of the team on an ongoing basis in a natural way.

While there are many different systems for task management offered on the market companies in Business Services industry need dedicated tools as such software are able to give the greatest added value not only to employees (job must be done on time!) but also to managers (the tool gives you great control over over the team's working time, frees up time from tedious operational work to conceptual and creative work), business stakeholders, clients or customers.

Well organized processes benefits not only in harmonious workflow but also in faster organisational progress. How to standardize processes and create idea friendly and pro growth work environment? With Harmodesk you have all of this in one tool for Busness Services.

"We have developed certain standards, with the result that our work is now a pleasure and not a stress as it was before."