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04.03.2021 15:00
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14.08.2021 13:35
PL10 - 010594374 (PL10 foreign)
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How to get back to the suspended task (on hold)?
When the reason for suspension of the task disappears (in our example: the technical problem will be solved) and you will be able to continue the completion of the task, you select the suspended task from the list of suspended tasks and proceed to its completion. Once this task is completed and reported, it will of course disappear from the list of suspended tasks.
How to get back to the task which has been suspended (i.e. on hold)?
The list of suspended tasks is of great value, thanks to it no task will escape the attention of your employee, the reasons for suspensions and their number are known.

With detailed data on suspension times and their causes, you have a clear picture of how many tasks did not complete well the first time. With automatically generated reports on suspensions, you have information on the total processing time of tasks, from first touch to completion, as well as data in terms of so-called touch time.  

Let's assume that you have already completed the task, now let's move on to reporting this fact.