Digital transformation

Accelerate transformation in your organization. With a tool that collects key data and optimizes task distribution, you will be able to achieve the quantum-leap increase in the speed and efficiency of automation.

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What can you improve?

You're irked because the unnecessary costs associated with poor automation decisions and the delay costs associated with lack of resources.

You are unhappy with the pace and tangible results of digital transformation.

You're looking for a way to free up the time of key persons involved in the transformation and improvement of overall ROI.

How can we help you?

Make right decisions on an automation and digitization

Monitor the time and quality of the processes - thanks to this, you will obtain data to support decisions in the area of digital transformation.

Free up time on what's essential

By automating routine tasks - related to organizing or sorting, distributing and monitoring tasks - you and your employees will be freed from duties that consume a lot of time and energy.

Save crucial person's time on activities related to the preparation of automation

With data from Harmodesk, you can involve that persons immediately in activities providing you certainty to get the appropriate ROI from your investment in digital transformation.

Reduce the cost of your investment in RPA software

Harmodesk acts as an orchestrator of robots and humans. Thanks to that the time of task completion is reduced and the quality of work is increased.

"We get about 120 optimization initiatives a quarter from our employees. Now we finally have the time to take care of them and implement them."

Rafał Kozłowski
CFO, Vice President