Measurement of working time

Take advantage of the best time sheet in the world dedicated to business services teams. You can use the precise and detailed data you get in real time to optimize processes and settlements with your customers.

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What can you improve?

You recognize that the tools for measurement of employee's working time, which are available on the market don't take into account the specifics of your team's operational work.

You need an intelligent tool, which enable you to use the collected data to optimize your team's working time.

You want to plan efficiently and make good decisions, but you need data from reliable measurements, not estimates or declarations, to do so.

How can we help you?

More efficient planning

Thanks to real data from measurements provided by the system, you are sure how much time each employee takes to perform particular tasks and you can plan further activities efficiently.

Avoid uncertainty and estimations only "by sight"

You can accurately predict team member workloads and the time needed to carry out the new activities, tasks. Additionally you are able to conduct the settlements with customers fairly.

Monitor the progress in the team's work on an ongoing basis and archive it

You get an easy-to-use and intuitive time sheet. Thanks to that you have an accurate view on the current work of your team in one place and you can also use historical data at any time.

"Why HarmoDesk? We needed a tool to help us track time, which is crucial for BPO. The software is very intuitive and the team has made a habit of using it."

Renata Kabas-Komorniczak
Partner at BPO Poland