Process quality management

Make your employees perform tasks without errors and delays. Easily identify and fix them in advance with detailed data and reports.

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What can you improve?

You want your team to complete tasks without errors or delays, regardless of employee absenteeism and turnover.

You don't want to be helpless against external accusations of errors and delays directed at your employees.

You want to make sure that the assignments going to your employees are always complete, and that they don't need to be corrected.

How can we help you?

Minimize the risk of not completing tasks on time

With intuitive checklists, the system reduces the risk of simple mistakes that can turn into serious problems.

Don't be helpless in the face of outside accusations against your team

You have accurate information about hold-ups - you know how much time your employees are spending solving problems beyond their control. You gain arguments to talk to business and customers.

Accurately identify causes of errors and delays

Thanks to the system you'll know if the tasks going to your employees are always complete, and if their realization will not require corrections - each step of the process is measured, so you can easily identify and remove deficiencies and errors.

"It has become such a team-wide accountability for the outcome - they really feel the need to meet KPIs."

Katarzyna Fita
Director of Accounting and Taxation