Designed for Business Services and
Back / Middle Office teams

Harmodesk automates the team work organization and the application of productivity best practices, creating a friendly, hybrid work environment.

How does harmodesk work?

Intelligent Automation ensures that at any time, everyone can be confident that all tasks now managed using harmodesk are still without any change processed in current transactional systems and at the same time are:

  • structured and executed according to business priorities;
  • dispatched optimally based on the competencies and preferences of employees
  • evenly and fairly distributed among available employees, 
  • measured in terms of timeliness, duration and quality,
  • visualized on the team dashboard and in the Business Intelligence tool.

Collected data makes harmodesk to become an a accelerator for performance improvement and process standardization enabling digital transformation.

What are the immediate and measurable benefits?

Intelligent Automation frees up time and energy previously spent on naturally necessary daily activities such as:

  • work planning, task distribution, adjusting to changing situations, 
  • communicating on task completion statuses, current problems, becoming yourself familiar with situation,
  • solving problems, conflicts of priorities, taking care of the execution of urgent "drop-ins",
  • making a decision by everyone, many times during the day, regarding the choice of the task to do now,
  • loss of focus and additional stress resulting from working on several tasks at the same time....

+ 9 other time eaters common in business services and back office teams.

Automate task management and free up leaders' time to manage people!

Free up the entire team's time for projects, improvements, competence development, taking care of value added for customers!

Harmodesk enables you to eliminate 14 major time and energy eaters in business services teams.

Using the innovative solution frees up a minimum of 10% to 30% of employees' and managers' time.

Find out how much time eaters consume in your team! 

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Why can this solution work for your company?

Harmodesk can manage the tasks that are processed in every IT system in your company without any change to these systems. It is a ready-made solution - practically "plug and play - to be implemented independently by the business without the need to involve IT resources.

No coding - only configuration - to fully tailor the tool to your needs.

Manual, one-way towards harmodesk integration with any transaction system used by your team.

No confidential data in harmodesk and the highest security standards guaranteed by Salesforce. 

The tool can be 100% tailored to the specificity of work and needs of your business services and back office processes.

waldemar hlebowicz

„I absolutely did not believe in assurances that implementation would be fast, would take only 2-3 days of my managers' time and that we can avoid IT problems. I was very surprised by the fact that after 2 weeks after the start we were working in a different way and the employees could immediately see the benefits.„

Katarzyna Fita
Ringier Axel Springer, CFO

In the price of implementation, we provide you with a proven methodology and a rich support package (process analysis, tool parameterization, training, coaching, knowledge base, BI analytics package).

We lead the implementation step by step. We help guide the team through the change and optimally set up the tool so that it gives benefits right away.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee and a guarantee of return on investment.

Be sure the job is DONE!



Be sure your team will perform all priority tasks in a timely manner, according to SLAs, with attention to quality and productivity.



Be sure the work is evenly spread and tasks are allocated based on competencies and preferences of employees, fully utilizing the potential of the team.



Always have access to key task data and provide clear visualization to all team members. Make decisions and implement improvements based on reliable data and one, common for everybody image of reality.



Ensure that the tasks are fairly divided, take care of the development of the competences among your employees, and use data to involve employees in improvements and achievement of objectives.

waldemar hlebowicz

"After 1 year of implementation, we recorded a 100% increase in productivity and gained an 8% increase in revenues over the same time period."

Waldemar Hlebowicz
Managing Director
katarzyna kielak-kępa

"First, we have transparent data thanks to which we can analyze our work, time, activity, and what we can improve, where we might look for areas where improvement is needed."

Katarzyna Kielak-Kępa
Team Leader
rafał kozłowski

"I think the most important result is the possibility to measure our operations. Without measurement, we can't say whether we've reached our goals..."

Rafał Kozłowski
CFO, Vice President
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See how Harmodesk can help your organization.


wspieranie się

Realne wsparcie w modelu pracy hybrydowej

Monitoruj postęp prac realizowanych przez Twoich pracowników, skądkolwiek pracują.



W eliminuj poczucie chaosu i wdrażaj najlepsze metody, jako standardy w całym zespole.


Efektywność i angażowanie zespołu

Spraw, aby Twoi pracownicy szybciej i chętniej realizowali zadania.


Minimalizacja opóźnień

Przestań martwić się o terminy. System będzie pamiętał o nich w Twoim imieniu, przydzielając zadania i zapewniając realizację SLA.


Raportowanie i wizualizacja danych

Podejmuj decyzje w oparciu o rzetelne dane, czytelne raporty i sprawdzone wizualizacje.


Pomiar efektywności i analiza procesu

Zyskaj precyzyjne dane i raporty na temat procesu realizacji zadań Twojego zespołu.


Zarządzanie jakością procesu

Spraw, aby Twoi pracownicy realizowali zadania bez błędów i wstrzymań.


Pomiar czasu pracy

Wykorzystaj najlepszy time sheet na świecie dedykowany dla zespołów business services.


Monitorowanie ROI

Świadomie wprowadzaj zmiany, wykorzystując dostarczane na bieżąco pomiary ich efektów.


Wsparcie metodyki LEAN

Wykorzystaj sprawdzony przepis na szybkie i skuteczne wprowadzenie lean w zespole.

transformacja cyfrowa

Transformacja cyfrowa

Przyspiesz transformację cyfrową w Twojej organizacji, mając gwarancję jej skuteczności.

tworzenie celi

Rozwój kompetencji - wdrażanie nowych pracowników

Sprawnie rozwijaj umiejętności członków zespołu i wdrażaj nowych pracowników.


Sprawna komunikacja

Usprawnij komunikację, wprowadzając jeden jasny obraz realizacji zadań w zespole.

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Provide your team with the highest quality of the software

Harmodesk - empowered by Salesforce

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szybkie wdrożenie

Fast implementation

łatwa integracja

Easy integration

Make sure that the integration into any infrastructure is seamless.

Fast implementation and easy integration

Connect to the tools you currently use. With our deployment system, you won't have to make changes to your company's existing IT infrastructure.

Integrate with 1000+ applications
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Thanks to that you can quickly experience positive effects of its operation - already in the first weeks after implementation. Return on investment in the tool - even two months after implementation.

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Designed for Business Services and Back Office

Managing a team performing dozens or hundreds of tasks each day takes up a lot of your time and energy. That's why Harmodesk was created.
zbiera i porządkuje dane

It collects and organizes tasks

Harmodesk collects information about new tasks from various transaction systems and queues them up according to the priorities you set.

This gives you the assurance that the priority tasks will be done on time.

Optimally dispatches tasks

The system automatically allocates forward the information about tasks to appropriate employees, according to their competences and preferences.

This allows the work to be spread out evenly and employees feel a fair division of the workload.

optymalnie rozdziela pracę
prowadzi jak gps

Leads like a GPS

An employee presses a button and gets a task. After completing the task, he downloads the next one. The system delivers the employee with tasks one by one.

Thanks to this every employee can focus a hundred percent on what he or she is doing and follows the optimal way to achieve the team's goals.

Creates a common working environment

In the background, data is collected on the status of tasks and KPIs - it is sent to the team's dashboard.

Thanks to this, the team has current knowledge about the progress of work. You capture inefficiencies and introduce improvements. Employees are committed to changes.

tworzy wspólne środowisko pracy