Do your employees also sometimes have difficulties in getting tasks done first time right?

Missing data, errors in documents ... there are many reasons why employees are unable to complete a task first time right. This results in the appearance of hold-ups, a growing backlog. Is there a verified solution to this problem?

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Michał Stangret
Evangelist, Harmodesk & Positive Productivity

The abovementioned lacks and errors are one of the factors escalating the waste of time spent on solving quality problems — related to the backlog, managing task hold-ups, making similar quality mistakes. 

Resolving quality issues - related to backlog, managing task hold-ups, making similar quality mistakes - can eat up a lot of time unnoticed. 

It's not uncommon for an organization to be slow to learn, and duplicated the same errors only multiply time wasted. 

Is there anything we can do about it?

Managers sometimes try to approach it this way:

  1. Introduce detailed and clear rules for dealing with the growing backlog and an incentive system, e.g:
  • Procedures for reassigning tasks from the backlog to other employees in the event of time expiry
  • System motivating employees to quickly clear tasks in the backlog.
  1. Establish an obligation for additional reporting of all errors, tasks on hold and rules for dealing with related issues.
  2. Conduct additional analysis to avoid making similar quality errors.

These are just examples of common – simple, on-point – methods, but we can also apply a systemic solution.

How to solve the problem using the system method?

What if a system was put in place that gave a complete overview of processes, and the causes of errors and misses were quickly identified and permanently remedied? The probability of completing tasks first time right in such a situation is maximized.

With this system, the causes of errors and misses are quickly identified and permanently addressed. 

We would witness the freeing up of employee time from activities related to, but not limited to: problem solving, frustration around backlog management, managing task hold-ups, and making similar quality mistakes.

As a result, the organization learns quickly and avoids multiplying time losses in the future. Are you curious how much benefit this can give to an organization?

Above mechanism eliminates an employee's time and energy eater which boils down to loss of time spent on solving quality problems related to backlog,  management of tasks which has been suspended, committing similar quality mistakes.

But this is only 1 of 14 time and energy eaters of employees and managers that we have identified in the course of our long-term experience in over 500 Business Services, Back Office and Middle Office teams in dozens of countries on 5 continents. The presented system solution eliminates these eaters as well.

If you want to discover:

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✅ what is their impact on your team and organisation?

✅ how much money can be saved by eliminating them?

✅ how do managers usually try to handle them unsuccessfully and how to do it once and for all using the proven system method?

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