Sailor needs navigation to reach his destination, a manager needs data.

I mean, for instance, the data needed for reporting purposes or conducting effective team meetings. Unfortunately, extracting key statistics from various systems, consolidating them - so that you can actually move toward your goals effectively - eats up manager's time and energy. But there are ways to do it.

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Michał Stangret
Evangelist, Harmodesk & Positive Productivity

In business reality, there is often a paradox: instead of focusing on key activities that give real value to the organization, leaders waste this valuable time and energy on preparation, during which we do a lot of work, e.g.: drawing up statistics extracting and consolidating data from various transaction systems and other external files for reporting purposes and for team meetings. Can you do something about it and make it easy?

Managers commonly do it this way:

  1. Application of methods or tools to facilitate the preparation of statistics and the consolidation of data from different systems and external files for reporting purposes and for meetings with the team, e.g:
  • Develop dedicated macros or separate applications to support queries and extract and consolidate data from various transactional systems and other external files to prepare statistics for reporting purposes and for meetings with the team.
  1. Additional steps to collect more data on the work of the team to be used for targeted analysis, e.g:
  • Introduce additional reporting of employee work, either through a timesheet tool or in some other form.

These are just examples of common methods, and – as you well know – you can also act once and do it well, i.e. in a systemic way.

How to solve the problem using the system method?

He who has data has knowledge (and power 👍) and peace of mind because data has power. The power to act and to persuade (Facts, not opinions + strong arguments that are not to be argued with). It's all about key data — when you don't have it, you have a problem. 

How can a manager most effectively and efficiently acquire that precious data that will give them that real extra power?

Importantly, we won't get the most valuable ones without reliable measurements. In many cases, while we can get them somehow, the time and resources we would need to commit can be overwhelming.

That's why a system solution comes in handy that gathers key data and delivers it in real time so it's available at a glance. 

As a result, the manager doesn't have to waste valuable time on reports, and meetings with the team run smoothly because there is one clear source of knowledge about work and processes for everyone. 

Such data is a real lever influencing not only that leaders' decisions are accurate and effective - thanks to such a system they achieve real savings of their time and energy, these resources can be allocated to the most valuable activities for the organization. Both can add up to an incredible impact for a team or organization.

Above mechanism eliminates manager's time and energy eater which boils down to: preparing statistics by extracting, consolidating data from various transaction systems and other external files for reporting purposes and for meetings with the team.

But this is only 1 of 14 time and energy eaters of employees and managers that we have identified in the course of our long-term experience in over 500 Business Services, Back Office and Middle Office teams in dozens of countries on 5 continents. The presented system solution eliminates these eaters as well.

If you want to discover:

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