What if one day all of your employees started completing tasks with the proficiency of the most experienced employee?

Most experienced workers already have their own ways of getting certain tasks done efficiently and effectively. Freshmen will achieve these skills and proficiencies in, say, a few years. But today, these processes can already be accelerated incredibly.

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Michał Stangret
Evangelist, Harmodesk & Positive Productivity

For the time being, your less experienced employees waste their time every day on inefficient performance of tasks and troublesome learning (often on their own mistakes), slow acquiring knowledge and inventing the best ways on their own.

Meanwhile, this knowledge is often right next door, at your fingertips, behind a partition wall. This knowledge is possessed by the most experienced employees, who know a lot, but do they always want to share their methods with the rest?

What if every one of your employees quickly learned their tricks and methods? Can we help with that?

Managers sometimes try to approach it this way:

  1. Introducing an motivating system for employees who perform a given type of task best, encouraging them to share their methods with the rest of the team.
  2. Identifying the best ways of performing tasks and wastage based on interviews, analysis of employees' reported working time, e.g:
  • Based on interviews, analysis of employees' reported working time (timesheet system results).
  1. Keeping a 'book' of good practice in this field and systematically training staff in the area of applying model ways of doing things.

These are just examples of simple methods to solve the problem, however, you can implement a system solution that will solve the problem once and for all.

How to solve the problem using the system method?

If you have a system in hand that collects the right data you know a lot more and less important issues are able to hide from your watchful, perceptive, rational and creative eyes.

With reliable data on employee working time collected by the system, the manager is able to easily identify and eliminate waste, bottlenecks, bring about unification and standardization of the way tasks are performed, and have all team members follow best practices.

With this solution, you accelerate the long process of gaining experience for a large part of your organization and utilize the full potential of your employees.

Above mechanism eliminates an employee's time and energy eater which boils down to: each employee performs a given type of task in a "slightly" different way, loss of time resulting from lack of knowledge & application of best practices for the execution of a given task by all employees. 

But this is only 1 of 14 time and energy eaters of employees and managers that we have identified in the course of our long-term experience in over 500 Business Services, Back Office and Middle Office teams in dozens of countries on 5 continents. The presented system solution eliminates these eaters as well.

If you want to discover:

✅ what is the disruptive nature of the other 13 eaters?

✅ what is their impact on your team and organisation?

✅ how much money can be saved by eliminating them?

✅ how do managers usually try to handle them unsuccessfully and how to do it once and for all using the proven system method?

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